This page is updated as items come in and is just a small portion of the 1000s of items that are normally sold at our sales
This page was last updated: September 28, 2014
Collection of Cast Iron Seats
Antique Vehicles coming from Arkansas
Full size Horse quilt hand made by local church ladies - Entire final bid goes to Trinity United Methodist Church of Waverly - Selling Thursday Oct 2 at approx. 1:00 pm in horse sale ring
Case 22 x 37 Thrashing Machine Serial #550273 - Stored in shed for last 54 years - Paint still on the wood inside - Used very little
Stage Coach with red cushion seats
6 passenger people hauler with Pioneer running gear
Brand New Stage Coach - fiberglass body - red velvet seats - bench seat in middle of coach
2014 Eagle Flatbed trailer - 14,000 lb capacity - 20' flat - 2' beaver tail
Frontier Travers Miniature horse/Pony size breaking-training vehicle
Oxer horse size heavy duty easy entry cart with mechanical brakes
Frontier Horse size Marathon Carriage
Frontier Mini/Pony light weight Marathon Cart
Also bringing a trailer full of easy entry carts, driving harness, team harness, and all types of tack
Wooden Wheeled Wagon
Also bringing traps, signs, snow shoes, seats, wagon wheels, etc.
2 Bottom Plow
6 Horse eveneer
Grain Drill
JD Big #4 Mower
Sleigh Runners
Birdsall High Wheel  Wagon
Aspinwall Potato Planter
Black Doctor's Buggy manufactured by Nova Carriage Ind sold by Lindsey Co Mpls in 1860 - Rubber tires, red velour upholstery in good condition
Green 4' x 10' Canadian sleigh with red velour upholstery
Black 2 person Cutter manufactured by Nova Carriage Ind in 1860 - good condition with red velour upholstery
Runa Bout cut under on rubber
Breyer Horses 8 horse hitch with wagon - 4' long with handmade harness.
Will sell Wednesday October 1 with the Cowboy Collectibles
Single Seat Young Mans Buggy manufactured by Sayer and Schovil early 1900s - Faded dark blue with cream colored spoked wheels, original battery powered light and original name plate - All wood/metal parts are solid and is in good driving condition - Top is available but needs repair - Original cloth with horse hair stuffing with one minor tear
Green John Deere Spring Seat in excellent condition with John Deere stenciling
McCormick Deering #7 Regular Gear Mower - 7', red, excellent condition, field ready, steel wheels
McCormick Deering #9 Regular Gear Mower - 7', red, almost new Bridgestone rubber tires
2 row John Deere Planter - Green in excellent condition on steel wheels
Cart and Harness - horse is not selling
Russian Sleigh - black leather seats are in good condition - wheels under the sleigh allow use when there is not adequate to use the runners
Cutter and dolly
Basic parts to build a Meadowbrook Cart
2 seat bobsled in very good condition - features red plush cushions and red runners - wheels under the sleigh allow use when there is not adequate snow to use the runners
1984 Budweiser double sided florescent sign - 4' x 4' in great shape and does work
Antique cast iron sign 
2 horse drawn Avery Corn King-Avery Yellow Fellow corn planter manufactured by Avery Mfg in 1890-1910 - good condition on aged steel wheels with Avery patent numbers on planter boxes
Completely restored Serial #200 1901 Velie Single Seat Top Buggy with pole, double tree, and yoke.  Makers plate on rear axle.  Axles and boxings in excellent condition
Country Gig
Paddle Elevator
This rare cope is a restorable project.  The wood on the running gear is like new, the wheels are solid, and the cab is solid.  The doors and steps work well.  The cab needs some work and paint.  The interior needs complete re-upholstering.
Vintage A.T. Ferrell & Co. Clipper No. 1B Grain & Seed Cleaner made by the A.T. Ferrell & Co. of Saginaw, Mich. in the late 1890's or early 1900's.  Has been stored in a barn for at least 50 years.  Very good solid shape & has two  screens, but others are still available.
No. 44 Simo Sickle Tool manufactured about 1950 in Sioux Rapids, IA by Simonsen Iron Works.  It has 3 functions: A. One pull of lever shears off old sickle section; B. Old rivet is forced out with next stroke; C. Rivets new section.  One stroke forms factory-like uniform head on rivet.  Instructions sheet is included.
No. 33 SIMO Sickle Grinder manufactured in Sioux Rapids, Iowa by Simonsen Iron Works in about 1950.  It makes sickle sharpening easy.  Has been modified to advance the sickle bar one section forward as it has been sharpened.  Has been used since the early 1970s.  Includes a new belt on the motor.
Budweiser mirror 3' x 5'
Meadow brook cart with brakes
Pioneer Fore cart with brakes, pole, shafts, like new
Doctor's Buggy
People Hauler
Parade ready horse drawn gas wagon
Horses do not sell