Tuesday March 28 & Wednesday March 29
This page is updated as items come in and is just a small portion of the 1000s of items that are normally sold at our sales
This page was last updated: March 27, 2017
March 28-Sale starts at 8:00 am. Horse Drawn Machinery, Farm Wagons, Harness, Tack, Saddles, Cast Iron Seats, Small Misc Items 

March 29-Sale starts at 8:00 am. Horse Drawn Vehicles, Vis-a-vis, Buggies, Hitch Wagons, Carts, Wheels(All wheels sold by the piece, not the tag), Horse Trailers, Tack, Harness, Cowboy Collectibles, Old Bits, Spurs, Saddles.  
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2 Row planter
* 6 up N and A Bio plastic show harness with red inlay, 26-28" stainless steel hames & hardware with star ornaments, beta lines

* Harness rack that holds 8 harnesses selling separate

Selling Thursday March 30 morning at the start of the sale
* Maroon Roberts Carriage hitch wagon set up for 6 horses in good condition

* Maroon Show Cart with white trim made in Ohio, similar to a Troyer cart, with side mount access

Selling Wednesday March 29
Authentic home made stage coach built in 1991.  Been in many parades.  Has been well taken care of
* Forecart with brakes and raised bench seat

* Forecart with single seat, no brakes

Selling Tuesday March 28
1875 Cunningham Hearse
48' long x 8 1/2' wide 1987 air ride trailer.  Current DOT.  Hauled 8 horses, wagon, and harness.  Plus overhead storage
Selling Friday March 31 after a team of Miniature mares Lots 742 & 743
Glinkowski Mini horse marathon cart with shafts and pole manufactured in 2016.  Works perfect for A and B size miniatures.  Can be used single or with a team.
Vintage Brass Sleigh Bells - Graduated sizes from 9/16 to 2 3/8 total 14 bells
Sheepherder's wagon on rubber tires houses a propane stove
Black & Red Hitch Wagon
New box, original restored running gear.  Waterproof white canvas top.  All stored inside
Single Pony sized buckboard.  Green with gold pin striping and wood panels
Wheels to be sold Wednesday morning March 29 starting at 8:00 am - Picture taken 3-21-17 - We are expecting to get lots more
Sulky Plow
We have received several rolls of leather and hide for this Spring's Sale
1947 McCormick 22 x 38 Thrashing Machine in very good condition.  Used very little and always stored inside.  Long feeder house and original grease certs.
15" Boyt Saddle with sterling silver in good shape - Will sell Wednesday with the collectible saddles