Tuesday October 4 & Wednesday October 5
This page is updated as items come in and is just a small portion of the 1000s of items that are normally sold at our sales
This page was last updated: August 26, 2016
October 4-Sale starts at 8:00 am. Horse Drawn Machinery, Farm Wagons, Harness, Tack, Saddles, Cast Iron Seats, Small Misc Items 

October 5-Sale starts at 8:00 am. Horse Drawn Vehicles, Vis-a-vis, Buggies, Hitch Wagons, Carts, Wheels(All wheels sold by the piece, not the tag), Horse Trailers, Tack, Harness, Cowboy Collectibles, Old Bits, Spurs, Saddles.  
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Brougham wood gear-Brewster Broom bway & 47th St.
Horse Exerciser
Milk Wagon
U.S. Army Harness
2 hand carved wall hangings 30x17. 
1.5 inches thick
Solid oak 2 seat surrey with canopy manufactured by Yoder Wagon Works St. Charles MN.  Natural oak 9'6" x 5' in excellent like new condition with rubber tires and leather upholstery
White Vis a vis manufactured by Roberts Carriages Canada 2008/2009.  12' x 5' in excellent like new condition with rubber tires and burgundy upholstery
Parade Harness
Frontier Marathon Touring Carriage with shafts & team pole
Several Frontier Mini and Horse size Deluxe Easy Entry Carts
Frontier Draft Horse size Marathon wagonette with oversize 25" wheels, draft shafts, draft team pole
Frontier Mini/Pony light weight competition carriage with shafts and team pole
Life size fiberglass draft horse from historic Shireland Amusement Park Marengo IL
Tongue & Groove Hitch Wagon on rubber wheels
Buggy manufactured by Velie Carriage Co - Moline Illinois
Cunningham Hearse built in 1875 Rochester NY - all original including beveled glass - Coffins: Brown one approx. 5' long; white one approx. 4' long; stands fold down to slide into hearse
Rejean from Canada will be bringing 2 loads of his unique items - traps, signs, snow shoes, seats, wagon wheels, and the horse drawn vehicle shown here
Steam engine gas made in Boston, Mass., includes water tank
Consignment for Armand DeCook Estate and Frances DeCook
Pony Hitch Wagon - chrome and stainless steel trim - hydraulic brakes - complete tongues for two, unicorn, and six
Pony sized hayrack
Miniature single seat buggy - never used 
International 100 manure spreader converted to 4 wheel for pony
4 Pony patent leather show harness - chrome hardware, show housings, 3 strap britchen, with collars

Also bringing several Mini & Pony sets of harness single and double - several Mini & Pony collars
Pony size surrey - excellent condition fringe top
Pony size high wheel wagon - excellent condition, tongue for 4-up
Miniature forecarts
1880 Cunningham Hearse