This page is updated as items come in and is just a small portion of the 1000s of items that are normally sold at our sales
This page was last updated: August 27, 2014
Collection of Cast Iron Seats
Antique Vehicles coming from Arkansas
Full size Horse quilt hand made by local church ladies - Entire final bid goes to Trinity United Methodist Church of Waverly - Selling Thursday Oct 2 at approx. 1:00 pm in horse sale ring
Case 22 x 37 Threshing Machine Serial #550273 - Stored in shed for last 54 years - Paint still on the wood inside - Used very little
Stage Coach with red cushion seats
6 passenger people hauler with Pioneer running gear
Brand New Stage Coach - fiberglass body - red velvet seats - bench seat in middle of coach
2014 Eagle Flatbed trailer - 14,000 lb capacity - 20' flat - 2' beaver tail
Frontier Travers Miniature horse/Pony size breaking-training vehicle
Oxer horse size heavy duty easy entry cart with mechanical brakes
Frontier Horse size Marathon Carriage
Frontier Mini/Pony light weight Marathon Cart
Also bringing a trailer full of easy entry carts, driving harness, team harness, and all types of tack
Wooden Wheeled Wagon
Also bringing traps, signs, snow shoes, seats, wagon wheels, etc.
2 Bottom Plow
6 Horse eveneer
Grain Drill
JD Big #4 Mower
Sleigh Runners
Birdsall High Wheel  Wagon
Aspinwall Potato Planter
Black Doctor's Buggy manufactured by Nova Carriage Ind sold by Lindsey Co Mpls in 1860 - Rubber tires, red velour upholstery in good condition
Green 4' x 10' Canadian sleigh with red velour upholstery
Black 2 person Cutter manufactured by Nova Carriage Ind in 1860 - good condition with red velour upholstery
Runa Bout cut under on rubber
Breyer Horses 8 horse hitch with wagon - 4' long with handmade harness.
Will sell Wednesday October 1 with the Cowboy Collectibles
Single Seat Young Mans Buggy manufactured by Sayer and Schovil early 1900s - Faded dark blue with cream colored spoked wheels, original battery powered light and original name plate - All wood/metal parts are solid and is in good driving condition - Top is available but needs repair - Original cloth with horse hair stuffing with one minor tear
Green John Deere Spring Seat in excellent condition with John Deere stenciling
McCormick Deering #7 Regular Gear Mower - 7', red, excellent condition, field ready, steel wheels
McCormick Deering #9 Regular Gear Mower - 7', red, almost new Bridgestone rubber tires
2 row John Deere Planter - Green in excellent condition on steel wheels
Cart and Harness - horse is not selling
Russian Sleigh - black leather seats are in good condition - wheels under the sleigh allow use when there is not adequate to use the runners
Cutter and dolly
Basic parts to build a Meadowbrook Cart
2 seat bobsled in very good condition - features red plush cushions and red runners - wheels under the sleigh allow use when there is not adequate snow to use the runners
1984 Budweiser double sided florescent sign - 4' x 4' in great shape and does work
Antique cast iron sign 
2 horse drawn Avery Corn King-Avery Yellow Fellow corn planter manufactured by Avery Mfg in 1890-1910 - good condition on aged steel wheels with Avery patent numbers on planter boxes
Completely restored Serial #200 1901 Velie Single Seat Top Buggy with pole, double tree, and yoke.  Makers plate on rear axle.  Axles and boxings in excellent condition