Sheep - 400 hd   ( good demand)

Fat Lambs - 110 - 149 Ibs. -  $194.00 to $220.00 cwt
Fat Lambs Hair Sheep - 110 to 140 Ibs. - $180.00 to $190.00 cwt
Depending on how dirty
Feeder Lambs  40 to 100 Ibs. - $200.00 to $320.00 cwt
Hair or Xbred Lambs 40 to 100 Ibs.  $185.00 to $275.00 cwt
Market Ewes  old -  $50.00 to $80.00 cwt
Market ewes - regular shape - $75.00 to $107.00 cwt
Replacment Ewes - or Exposed $110.00 to $160.00 cwt
Market Bucks  - $95.00 to $105.00 cwt
Breeder Bucks Good Quality - up to $120.00 cwt 
Ewe & Lamb Families -
Bred ewes good quality close up - 
Orphan Lambs -  Just born $25.00 to $40.00 hd

Goats - 60 hd - 

Willies & Nannies Feeders - Dairy - $100.00 to $160.00 hd
 Willies & Nannies Mature Market - Dairy - $150.00 to $240.00 hd
Boer Goats - 40 to 150 Ibs. $170.00 to $335.00 hd
Mature Boer Goats - $300.00 to $340.00 hd
Goat Families -
Kids - $23.00 to $60.00 hd

Monday Sale
Next Sale: Monday May 17th
10:30 am Sheep & Goats
Followed by Feeder Pigs
As of 4/1/07, all goats & sheep must be scrapie tagged before they are brought to the sale.  If they are not tagged, a cost of $5.00 per head for tagging will be charged at the sale barn. 
Due to USDA regulations, a Consignor/Livestock Owner's Certificate needs to be completed before livestock can be sold.  Please click on the icon to the right to download this Microsoft Word file and bring with you to the sale barn.  This form replaces the COOL form which is now obsolete.
This page was last updated: May 14, 2021
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Due to crowd size regulations and distancing quidelines we are allowing only serious buyers with a bidding number in the sale barn and sale arena, All spectators, should not come in. If you want to wear a mask thats fine its your choice.

Early listings for May 17th

35 - PB Suffolk Lambs shots UTD weaned 3 weeks docked castrated on full feed alfalfa 40-70 lbs
2021 Monday Sales Schedule
The USDA is no longer providing free Scrapie tags to owners.  Owners can purchase tags from any approved tag manufactures.  Check out the approved tag manufacturers list, call 1-866-USDA-TAG (1-866-873-2824) for info or go to
If you don't have a Scrapie Flock ID number call 1-866-USDA-TAG(1-866-873-2824) to receive one.  You will need a Scrapie Flock ID number to sell sheep or goats and order tags.